Chengdu rings xinrui chemical co., LTD. Is from sichuan rings chemical institute restructured into limited liability company,Specialized in the research and development of gas separation and purification。Since1995Years since its founding,In the small and medium-sized fertilizer plant transformation gas decarbonization、Hydrogen production、High-purity food grade carbon dioxide device、Methanol decomposition hydrogen production、Ammonia decomposition hydrogen production、Acid gas removal, and other fields have been done。The company gathered in the natural gas chemical industry、Coal chemical industry、A batch of famous experts in high purity special gas field,On the basis of extensive and in-depth study in related field,Custom technology designed for users and the project implementation plan,Solve technical problems。         Company headquarters is located in chengdu,With technology、Equipment、The pipe、...
Ammonia process250Cube/Hours of hydrogen plant,Smooth production。Preparation of food grade carbon dioxide gas combustion exhaust of the kyrgyz republicShandong weifang diesel JiaoJiTuan non catalytic convert syngasPort, shanxi coal bed methane co., LTDXinao gasLNGDeviceSino-canadian joint venture in nanjing alpha gas co., LTDHenan hebi chemical industryPSADecarburizationJilin food grade carbon dioxideHenan hebi BMW fertilizer plant60000Nm3/h PSADecarburization deviceTaian deep burn of liquefied natural gas (LNG) project
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